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HAN 4.20 available

New functionalities and bug fixing in the current version 4.2.0

The recently launched HAN Version 4.2.0 offers the following new functionalities:

New Functions

  • HAN offers the option to create new e-scripts through the HAN Web-API or the EZB interface in SSL kernel mode. This functionality ensures that users get no warnings about insecure connections in their browers when the URLs change to HTTPS.
  • The kernel mode of e-scripts that have already been created by the Web-API will be changed accordingly if the setting "create new e-scripts in SSL kernel mode" is active.
  • The EZB Collation asks the user if the kernel mode of all EZB e-scripts should be changed to SSL kernel mode if the setting "create new e-scripts in SSL kernel mode" is active.
  • The HAN kernel ignores redirects to the HAN server (Web-API URLs) and does not change them to HAN URLs.
  • The place holder for the user in AJAX login is now in email compliant form (user@han.com). This has the advantage that checks for an email format won't fail. The old syntax (__user__) is still supported.
  • The HAN kernel distinguishs in requestes with the "origin" header the user name through the session id. This ensures that these requests are statistically summarized in the correct session and not as individual sessions of the user "origin".
  • The rewriting engine of the HAN kernel parses files of the type application/json automatically so that it is not necessary to add this MIME Type manually in the e-script properties.
  • Modification in the EZB modules: the date for last changes will also be set by changes of the anchor or the URL.
  • The authentication service for X-Server supports the global definition of reasons for blocking the access to HAN.  

Security updates

  • Update of the data base version to 3.0.14

Bug Fixing

  • The login to the EZB from the EZB Import or Collation program failed when the authentication header was sent in capital letters.
  • In some cases the id for cost centers was wrong or not protocolled.
  • In the EZB interface permissions have been deleted when the settings "Set preferences for imported e-scripts" and "Use custom settings for e-script groups" are active and the anchor was changed.