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HAN 4.5.0 available

New functionalities and bug fixing in the current version 4.5.0

The recently launched HAN Version 4.5.0 offers the following new functionalities:

New Functions

  • The HAN Kernel support the Web Socket Protocol (websocket and secure websocket).
  • The HAN Kernel analyzes the data sent through web sockets and rewrites URLs if necessary.
  • Web crawler request will be detected by the HAN Kernel and defended by sending the own robots.txt.
  • The A to Z list support the search for DOI or full text URL.

Bug Fixing

  • The HAN Web API creates the titel for new e-scripts from the domain when this value is not transmitted.
  • Anchors (hash signs) in full text urls are not ommited by Web API requests.


Article #3547 | 11/14/17 | Markus Libiseller