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HAN in companies

The use of HAN as a management system in companies.

Provide up-to-date and customized online resources in the business environment

Easy access to online resources such as information databases, online journals or eBooks is a decisive factor for many companies today. Especially in research-intensive industries, development departments or legal and patent departments, access to up-to-date information plays a central role.

Complicated access mechanisms, expired passwords or incorrect login data can lead to a real competitive disadvantage.

The use of HAN solves this problem. All access to online resources is made available and managed centrally via HAN. The integrated rights management ensures that each user is provided with exactly the data sources that they have been authorized to access in real time. It is no longer necessary to pass on the login information for the online resources, as this is stored centrally in HAN.

With HAN, all employees have direct access to the online resources relevant to them without any effort, such as duplicate login processes.