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New features in HAN

Get to know the interesting new functions of the current version of HAN.

Thematic lists

With the new thematic lists you have the possibility to assign thematic properties to your resources. This gives you a filtered list of all resources that correspond to this property. The list is updated dynamically as soon as the property is assigned to a new resource.

Named licensing

With the new Named Licensing you have a flexible possibility to provide licences. We have implemented the following options for you:

  • Dynamic association
    No matter who calls up a licence, it is permanently assigned for a period defined by you. After expiry, the licence is released again.
  • Fixed assignment
    The available licences are permanently assigned to specific users.
  • Mixed assignment
    You can decide how many of the licences are permanently allocated to specific persons and how many are allocated dynamically.

Further innovations / technical adjustments

  • Deep link support also for logins via Ajax
  • Update of the Apache server including the Open-SSL library to version 2.4.55 with Open-SSL 1.1.1t
  • New OpenID Connect Module

All information on the new version can be found in the HAN Knowledgebase. Click here to go directly to the article.