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New features in HAN

Get to know the interesting new functions of the current version of HAN.

Technical aspects

  • Switch to Apache 2.4 in 64 Bit
  • Change from 3.0 to MongoDB 3.4
  • Neue Client-Architektur, so dass die New client architecture, so that the HAN settings can be started and edited from the client
  • New database engine (WiredTiger)

New features

  • HAN Metering allows to limit the traffic of users, e-scripts or users per e-script
  • New login methods for authentication via client certificates or OpenID Connect
  • Additional http headers to authenticate the provider via HAN
  • Work with Single-Sign-On when called via the WebApi

Extension of existing functions

  • Manage different credentials in e-scripts
  • The HAN kernel handles server names that are longer than the DNS restriction allows
  • Restriction of SSPI and client certificate login to one IP range. Including alternative logon methods for outside.
  • The WebApi allows you to assign an alternative IP address and/or custom properties when creating new e-scripts
  • User-specific definition of HTTP request and response headers to be supported via HAN
  • E-script exports are encrypted
  • Search and filter subject areas in the A-Z list
  • Automatic compression of the backup of the HAN database
  • New flow monitor, which displays server outputs on the client side