What is new in HAN

New functionality in Hidden Automatic Navigator 4.1

Global Permissions

HAN supports from now on ‘Global Permissions’. With ‘global authorization’ you can specifyconditions and relate to those in separate permission. For instance, an IP range can now be defined in a global permission and in all other permissions you can refer to this definition.

Connection pooling

Redesign of the database access in the HAN kernel and authentication modules. These modules work with better performance and use less system resources through connection pooling.


The HAN kernel offers from now on the option to delete persistent cookies with the reference to the HAN server.

HAN verifies automatically over the login page and the cookie-check function, if more than 50 persistent cookies exist in the browser with reference to the HAN server. If this is the case, the cookies will automatically be deleted.

HTTP Header

The rewriting engine of HAN supports now the option to find and change values in the HTTP header.

URL handling

The HAN API detects if the sent URL is a DOI URL. In this case, the DOI URL is converted to the full text URL and the adequate HAN e-Script will be identified based on this full text URL.