What is new in HAN

New functionality in Hidden Automatic Navigator 4.5


In addition to the extensive possibilities for displaying multimedia content on the web, the inclusion of the WebSockets protocol in the HTML 5 standard means that content providers have an alternative to Flash-based content presentation which is at least equivalent and superior in many ways. Especially in the categories performance and security, the combination of HTML 5/WebSockets has great advantages over Flash.Image Websockets
For this reason, more and more providers of e-resources are switching the access to their database content to HTML 5 and WebSockets.

But, the whole thing has consequences.

When using the WebSockets protocol, a permanent connection is established between the user and the server, which allows the transfering of data in both directions. As a result, these contents cannot be made available via a reverse-proxy server.

To ensure the availability of the contents of all databases for our customers, HAN now supports the WebSockets protocol. So H+H Software GmbH is the first company to respond to this new market demand.

By deploying the database content by the provider using HTML 5, owners of iOS devices can now take advantage of it. This is not possible with Flash-based deployment.