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Technical cooperation

Technical cooperation, i.e. adaptation in HAN or with partner products to ensure the functionality of the systems.


Stored full texts (links) can completely be accessed by Citavi via HAN now. This is presently possible regardless of the location of the user (campus, home, etc.).


Support of Elsevier by HAN as a Reverseproxy.

EJL Regensburg

HAN provides extended functionality for libraries connected to the library system in Regensburg.
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Adjustments in SUMMON to support the Summon interface from HAN.


Customizations in EDS by EBSCO to support the HAN Web API
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Support for HAN installed in SFX.
Seamless interaction between ALMA and HAN using the HAN Web API makes access to e-resources directly from ALMA even more convenient.


Customizations within the HAN Kernel to realize a special type of SSO (Single Sign On) for the Polish e-book provider.


Adaptation in the website to support the HAN Web API.

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