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HAN in Libraries

The use of HAN as a management system in libraries.

Manage online resources centrally and efficiently

HAN supports libraries in the centralized management and provision of online resources. HAN accesses the library's infrastructure to read existing information, e.g. from library systems. This is used to register and define authorisations for end users in order to grant direct access to the full text. At the same time, HAN offers interfaces for integration into existing library systems so that no additional work is required from library staff. One of the advantages of this technology for the end user is that this integration does not require any change to the usual way of working, but also enables external access, for example.

With HAN, the management of available online resources is simple, efficient and transparent for employees. End users, on the other hand, get direct and fast access to the requested online resources through HAN, without additional effort such as duplicate login processes.

All calls to online resources are routed via the HAN server. This checks the end user's authorisations and runs the processes required to access the online resource in the background. This means that the login information for the online resources does not have to be given to the end user.