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Outstanding features

From the wealth of functions offered by HAN, the most important ones are presented here in more detail.

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Symbol Rollenbasierte Administration

Role-based administration

The role-based administration in HAN allows access to different parts of HAN depending on the assigned role. The following roles are planned:

  • Server Administrator (System Administrator):
    The server administrator accesses the server directly via RDP and manages the system.
  • HAN Administrator:
    The HAN Administrator gets access to the content administrative components (script management, etc.) via a locally installed client. Direct access to the server (RDP or UNC) is not necessary.
  • Statistic Administrator:
    The Statistics Administrator gets full access to all components of the statistics.
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Symbol Anonymisation of statistical data

Anonymisation of statistical data

The usage data required for the statistics can be automatically anonymised according to freely definable rules (scope and period). Individual usage histories can thus no longer be traced. HAN thus meets all the requirements of the increased data protection regulations.

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Symbol WebAPI

Open WebAPI

The goal of the open WebAPI is to better link HAN with other management systems. This refers in particular to the OPAC catalogue system, LinkOut (forwarding to full text from an article) and Discovery Services (search in several databases with direct link to full text). Three interfaces are implemented:

  • Search the HAN catalogue for an e-journal and forward it directly to the full text with the correct reference.
  • Search in the HAN catalog for an existing e-script to display additional information, e.g. which permissions are set, how many licenses are available etc.
  • Advanced interface with the option to create the e-script if it is not available. This interface offers a possibility to 'refuel' HAN automatically if no ECB connection (i.e. outside Germany or industrial customer) is possible.
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Symbol Überarbeitete Webstatistik

Revised web statistics

The data preparation and the visualization of the results will be fundamentally revised. This allows easier and faster access to the desired data compilation.

The interface of the web statistics will be more clearly arranged and modernized. With the new, dynamic technology (HTML 5) now used, the statistics can also be called up on mobile devices (tablet, smartphone...).

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Symbol Erweiterte Funktionen

Enhanced / Improved functions

  • Adaptation of the A-Z list:
    The information to be displayed for an E-Script can be selected.
  • System monitoring:
    Automated backups of the database can be set up.
  • New ‚advanced‘ level:
    In the e-script administration there is the possibility to intervene manually in the processing even more directly. For example, automatic logon to AJAX-based e-journals can now be initiated with freely definable javascripts.
  • Helpdesk:
    In case of failed logins, the reason can be communicated directly, e.g. that the account is locked or expired. At the moment there is only the message that the login failed.
  • Caching of the logon data for a definable period:
    If the database server is temporarily unavailable, users can still log on if they were already logged on during the previously defined period (fail-safe).