H+H Software GmbH

Cooperation with the EJL

HAN as management software for online-based resources such as e-journals and online databases

The Electronic Journals Library (EJL,in German abbreviated EZB, from Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek) at the University of Regensburg is a central institution where German and European libraries can jointly maintain links to e-resources. In addition, the EJL also provides cooperative license management for participating institutions. Organizations which are already members of the EJL and which provide access to their e-resources through EJL should be able to use the extended functions provided by HAN without having to maintain duplicate data. Furthermore, the two systems should be able to continue being developed independently.

Support for the Regensburg Electronic Journals Library (EJL)

HAN can be smoothly integrated in environments that use the EJL. HAN uses all EJL data through a special interface. The EJL remains the principal database system for access to EJL resources. Because the primary purposes of the EJL are centralized link maintenance and cooperative license purchasing, EJL and HAN are not competing systems.

On the contrary, HAN adds the following features to the EJL's capabilities

  • User authentication; single sign-on
  • Password management
  • Access privilege management
  • Remote access for authorized users
  • License management
  • Publisher-independent, uniform, COUNTER-compatible usage statistics
  • Fine-grained access control
  • Subscription management
  • Inventory and master data management

Using HAN together with the EJL does not involve any additional administrative maintenance work, since data is synchronized between the EJL and HAN automatically. Whenever the HAN administrative console is opened, it always reflects the current state of the EJL data.