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HAN 4.1.0 is available

New functionality and bug fixing in the current version 4.1.0

The recently launched HAN Version 4.1.0 offers the following new functionality:

New Functions

  • HAN supports  from now on ‘Global Permissions’. With ‘global authorization’ you can  specifyconditions and relate to those in separate permission. For instance, an IP range can now be defined in a global permission and in all other permissions you can  refer to this definition.
  • Redesign of the database access in the HAN kernel and authentication modules. These modules work with better performance and use less system resources through connection pooling.
  • The HAN kernel offers  from now on  the option to delete persistent cookies with the reference to the HAN server.
  • HAN verifies automatically over the login page and the cookie-check function, if more than 50 persistent cookies exist in the browser with reference  to the HAN server. If this is the case, the cookies will automatically be deleted.
  • The rewriting engine of HAN supports now the option to find and change values in the HTTP header.
  • The HAN API detects if the sent URL is a DOI URL. In this case, the DOI URL is  converted to the full text URL and the  adequate HAN e-Script will be identified based on this full text URL.


Security updates

  • The used Apache (HAN Web service) has been updated to version 2.4.23 and the OpenSSL libraries  have been updated to version 1.0.2j.


Bug Fixing

  • The HAN kernel could crash with not null terminated response bodies.
  • In certain cases the HAN web API calculated the Hash wrong.
  • When the data editor was not started on the HAN server it was impossible to define LDAP permissions.
  • The check mark on the relevant setting has not been shown after the deactivation of the automatic actualization in the e-script qualities.
  • The HAN manual is from now on a part of the HAN client and can be opened directly from the  executive programs.