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HAN 5.1.0 available

Functional enhancements and bugfixing in the current version 5.1.0

New functions or functional enhancements

  • The HAN client establishes the connection to the database via HTTPS. This has the advantage that no additional port releases are necessary in firewalls etc.
  • Proxy support for the HAN client
  • In the script editor the logon logic, e.g. recorded scripts or AJAX logon, can be copied to other E-scripts. When pasting, the user can decide whether the existing data should be replaced or added.

Bug fixes / Bugfixing

  • The HAN kernel sends additional HTTP headers even with error codes (40X). 
  • The HAN kernel recognizes Keep Alive requests from expired sessions and does not log them anymore.
  • Several bugfixes


Please note the knowledge base article "Important Information about the HAN 5 update" for updating HAN 4.5 to HAN 5.1.

For updating HAN 5.0 to HAN 5.1 please load the setup from your local installation (HAN E-script Administration/Information/Version Information).