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HAN 5.1.1. available

The update to HAN 5.1.1 is a service release which includes the following points:

  • New option in the HAN settings to define a default IP address. This configuration is useful if several IP addresses are bound to the HAN server. The defined IP address will be used in the e-scripts etc. if no alternative IP address is defined.
    Attention: The setting cannot be used if a proxy etc. is in use.

  • Current HAN Kernel.

  • Bugfixingand optimisation in the HAN settings.

  • Current HAN Kernel.

Please note that when using Open ID Connect you must update to HAN version 5.1.1 by 31.10.2020 at the latest, because the used module in HAN 5.0 and HAN 5.1 cannot be started after 31.10.2020. In HAN 5.1.1 an updated module is included that allows operation even after 31.10.2020.

It is recommended to all customers to install the update as soon as possible.



Please note the knowledge base article "Important Information about the HAN 5 update" for updating HAN 4.5 to HAN 5.1.

For updating HAN 5.0 to HAN 5.1 please load the setup from your local installation (HAN E-script Administration/Information/Version Information).